We have been providing quality architectural models and landscape models for over 20+ years and using our wealth of experience and the latest technology, we can turn your vision into reality.
Models can be built to any scale, typically most Landscape models are built to a scale of 1:500, 1:1000, 1:1250, 1:2500, and architectural models scales ranging from, 1:50, 1:75, 1:100, 1:120, 1:150, 1:200, 1:250, 1:300, 1:500. 1:750 and 1:1000.

Lighting can be incorporated into sales models, which light each plot or apartment, controlled by our own bespoke touch pad, displaying CGI images of the internal dwelling, also illuminating the individual plot on the model.

Contemporary designs such as round, oval etc. can be used as the base as well as the more traditional square or rectangular format. Various finishes can be fitted to bespoke plinths manufactured by ourselves, to compliment your marketing suite.

Additional information and images can be found on our bespoke architectural model making site at www.progressivemodelmakers.co.uk